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Areas of Expertise

David is particularly skilled in the Areas of Expertise listed below and welcomes the opportunity to provide custom training or general ERP-related IT and infrastructure consulting outside of these areas. Further, his strong leadership style and great interpersonal skills can break through human resource related project or technical issues quickly and effectively.
Project Management / Restart


Dynamics NAV ERP systems have comprehensive functionality and implementation requires good leadership, project management, and technical accumen.  An implementation that goes off-track can be costly and frustrating.


On new projects, use of a proven set of implementation tools ensures predicable, high-quality implementations.  If engaged on a challenged project, David can quickly assess the current state of the implementation, review intended scope vs. realization to-date, and get the project back in a position to succeed.  His personal ability to assess code, process, infrastructure and project teams ensure a correct project path is quickly determined and followed.


Inventory Costing

Reliable costing is one of the primary reasons distribution and manufacturing companies select Dynamics NAV.  While Dynamics NAV has amazing costing functionality the correct use of the system requires accurate and methodical setup and test.


David has 21 years of experience in costing and can ensure that whatever costing objectives you have are realized with your Dynamics NAV system.

Implementation / Security Review


Many implementations go-live and appear to be working well enough, but few ask whether their Dynamics NAV implementation met the objectives that originally substantiated the purchase.


An implementation review will ensure that your Dynamics NAV project met the objectives initially outlined, and if not, provides a framework for scoping and implementation discussion to complete the initial objectives.  Additional opportunities to take advantage of NAV features often lead to greater efficiencies and overall satisfaction.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management in Dynamics NAV is comprehensive and proper setup and use is critical to any distributor.  Optional tools, such as advanced forecasting / paperless warehouse / pick to light and others offer "to the bottom line" benefits with quick and predictable ROI.


If you are experiencing difficulty in processing Warehouse transactions effectively, schedule a consultation with David so that he can assist in optimizing your warehouse processes using Dynamics NAV.

Development/ Enhancements


David is a seasoned Dynamics NAV developer with 20 years of experience.  He can quickly determine whether or not any enhancements in-place are optimal, correct deficiencies in code, or suggest removal of code when appropriate.


Infinite Dynamics, Inc. also maintains a library of useful "common enhancements" that many Dynamics NAV end-users benefit from.  These common enhancements serve to enhance functionality, prevent common data errors, and generally improve the Dynamics NAV product with minimal cost and risk.


​Dynamics NAV has a solid foundation for discrete manufacturing.  Many additional modules exist to supplement the core foundation for specific needs and industries.  


Infinite Dynamics, Inc. has developed entire software modules enhancing the core Dynamics NAV manufacuturing system - production line interaction / bar code scanning, Lean Manufacturing, Eng. Change Order, costing improvements, and reports.  Whether you are looking at NAV Manufacturing for the first time or a current NAV manufacturing user wanting more be sure to contact us to ensure your manufacturing needs are met in the best possible manner.

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