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David S. Hutchinson


DAVID HUTCHINSON has been working with computer and ERP systems since 1983.


Upon completion of the 6th grade David began his professional career developing custom software solutions for the private and public sectors.  After creating a municipal water billing system in dBase III, a construction scheduling system in BBx (Open Systems), and a realtor lead tracking system in Informix he decided that a career in the computerized accounting software industry was where he wanted to focus.  In 1987 (at age 17) he became the youngest certified installer for Open Systems Accounting Software.  At that time installers of computer accounting software were expected to be competent in server hardware and operating systems, so David learned Xenix, UNIX, Novell Netware, and other related infrastructure technologies.


By 1989 David founded a company that provided 3 primary services - computerized accounting software systems, hardware and infrastructure, and retail/wholesale distribution of computer hardware and software.  The operation of a retail/wholesale distribution company provided David with the chance to learn directly the correlation between computer accounting software, financial reporting, and retail/warehouse/manufacturing operations.  For 5 years he led a team of professionals in the implementation of 55 Open Systems Accounting Software projects, 22 Novell Netware networks, 8 Xenix (Unix) multi-user systems, and even a few OS/2 based networks.


In 1994 David discovered a product that he immediately recognized as being years ahead of its time - Navision (now Dynamics NAV).  He changed the focus of his company to the sale and implementation of this new product, became the 13th reseller of Navision in the United States, and had much success implementing Navision in businesses of many types - distribution, manufacturing, and pure financial services. During this time the Windows NT (now Windows Server) operating system was released, and he and his company were early adopters of Windows NT, Exchange Server, and other related network technologies.


By 2001 the IT/Infrastructure market had become commoditized and so David made a decision to 

focus exclusively on the Navision product.  Microsoft acquired Navision in 2002 which created a great opportunity for increased sales and market share.  Larger and more complex organizations began to select the newly-renamed Dynamics NAV product, and David became a internationally-recognized expert in high user-count, high-volume, high-complexity implementations.  Between 2002 and 2013 David and his company implemented 126 Dynamics NAV systems in locations throughout North America and western Europe.  These implementations included the largest user-count site for Dynamics NAV (Bloomington, MN) and the highest transaction volume for Dynamics NAV (Chicago, IL).


In 2013 David celebrated 30 years of running a computer accounting software (ERP) practice but missed the hands-on challenges of implementations.  David sold the business and has been working on select projects since that time.



  • Co-Founder (and later CEO) LR Data, Inc. (1983 - 2001)

  • Co-Founder Open Systems Accounting Software User Group, 1988-1990

  • APICS Minnesota Chapter Treasurer, 2001-2004

  • Co-Founder Dynamics NAV User Group (NAVUG)

  • Founder and CEO Symbiant Technologies (2002-2013)

  • Consultant to Microsoft - Inventory Costing Design (2000-2003)

  • Member Microsoft Dynamics NAV Executive VAR Council (2006-2011)

  • Co-Founder NAV-X LLC (2012) -Distribution Software based on Dynamics NAV

  • MENSA Member


David looks forward to personally addressing any Dynamics NAV / ERP Project needs you may have.

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